Additional Attractions
Master Degree
Campus has initiated master degree classes in different disciplines. This is the first institution in this region which began high level research class with community effort. Educational planning and management, Nepali, English, Management and Sociology subjects are being taught. Campus aims at offering more subjects according to the interest of students and needs of nation and society. This level opens the door for research education in the district.
Education Science
To fulfill the demand of science teacher at school level the campus has introduced the science subject. To run classes effectively science teacher has been appointed and science lab established. This subject will fulfil the demand of comparatively talented students who are interested to study science and unable to join in pure science and join in outer district institutions.
The campus conducts many internal exams i.e. regular home assessment and gives feedback to the students, frequent unit tests, terminal exams and pre board exams. Special counseling for weak students and advanced education to talented will be done for the best. Campus will develop individual record file and inform parents and students about his or her performance.
Unique offer
Campus  provides scholarship to more than 400 students. In admission and in tuition fee there is special consideration for extra talented students, student with very weak financial background, disabled student and member of deprived community. The detail is included in fee structure column.