Quality Strategic Plan

Strategic quality objective

Course of action/intervention



Means of verification

To  provide educational opportunity to the larger part of the society

Advertisement, counseling, orientation


Campus chief

Student enrollment

To increase the number of students

Enhance quality, motivate and explore the potentials of campus


Campus chief

Student enrollment and dropout rate

To increase the attention of society towards college

Activate CMC, mobilize civil society, initiate community support programme


Coordinator, public relation officer

Positive advocacy from society, frequency of guardians campus visit

To increase the pass out percentage of student

Quality teaching, conducive learning environment


Faculty chief

Internal and final exam result

To increase the resource mobilization capacity of campus

Develop plan Establish relation with donor agency, submit proposal, coordinate with local bodies and other support organizations


Assistant campus chief

Support and donation amount/earning of campus

To increase the national and  international relation of the campus

Correspond, MoU, website development,


Coordinator, relationship building officer

Agreement and MoU between the organizations

To carry out research oriented activities

Establish research promotion fund, promote teacher and student on research, submit proposal to donor agency


Coordinator, research cell

Reserch plan, fund mobilization and support from other institution

To increase participation on social issues

Do agreement with other institutions, work for people with hardship

Half yearly

Assistant campus chief

Work plan, progress report, feedback of beneficiaries

To modernize and advance library service

Construction of library building, using modern technology on library, increase number of books and other materials


Library Advisory Committee

No of books, book users,  records management, equipment of library

To increase the access of student on international language

Establish international language lab, develop curriculum to use it,


Faculty chief

Materials, curriculum, student enrollment,

To increase the access of student on advanced knowledge and modern technology

Additional curriculum, internet facility, e-library, use of multimedia etc


Assistant campus chief

Use of modern technology, types of technology used

To promote quality teaching

Training to teacher, seminars, exposure visit


Subject committee chief

number of training, seminars, visits and produced results

To enhance and upgrade infrastructures for conducive teaching learning environment

Construction of additional and modern building for lab, faculty wise building, administrative building, hostel, research building and make existing facility more sophisticated


Campus chief

Number of additional construction, upgrade in facilities

To increase students participation in teaching learning activities, extracurricular activities

Develop extracurricular calendar, orient student on contemporary issues, involve student in decision making and creative works


Coordinator, extracurricular activities

Related calendar, progress report, students satisfaction on survey report

To generate additional resources for advancing institution

Drop proposal to institutions, furnish resource mobilization plan


Campus chief

Resource support from others and increased income

To introduce additional programs, technical programs, research oriented and job oriented programs in campus

Introduce technical streams, additional programs which are job oriented and more productive


Campus chief

Introduced additional programs and student attraction

To attract more competent  and professional human resource towards college

Good facility, attractive subjects, define screening process and institutional goodwill


Campus chief

Entry of human resource with merit list

To attract merit student, disadvantaged community student and marginalized students in college

Quality education, high pass percentage, attractive subjects, competent teachers and modern administration


Assistant campus chief

Number of merit students enrollment

To produce competent and dedicated human resource with high morale for nation building

Good management, inject moral values through additional courses


Faculty chief

Involvement of pass out student on job, prestige of pass out student in society and student satisfaction survey

To  make this institution center for educationalist and light for education civilization

Drive to university and reputed research centre

Long term

Campus chief

Research product, upgrade of campus

Upgrade campus services

Good toilet, safe water,  24 hours electricity supply


Administrative assistance

Service sufficiency  and quality service, students satisfaction

To keep campus environment clean, safe and education friendly

Make building, furniture, logistic student friendly, develop regular cleaning routine and waste disposal mechanism, trained staff and orient student about environment, develop gardenerary environment


Coordinator, environment upgrading committee

Friendliness, student perception survey, attraction of student towards college