Our Expectations
Campus through its different educational reform programmes and other reform activities will expected to bring these changes
  • There will be fulfillment of minimum infrastructure requirement.
  • Strengthen institutional system capacity.
  • Student number will reach 2000.
  • Pass out rate will reach 70%.
  • At least 50% graduated will get employment within six month.
  • More than 75% teaching and non-teaching staffs are recruited as Core staff.
  • There will be fine information unit where all updated and analyzed record is kept.
  • 10% teaching staff will complete M.Phil and PhD.
  • 75% core teacher staff are promoted and being permanent.
  • All non teaching staff is trained and their work performance will improve.
  • Institution will be financially self-sustained.
  • Sound educational environment will be maintained.
  • Phased out of higher secondary level classes.
  • Campus will run only Bachelor and Master Degree classes.
  • Effective educational calendar will be implemented.
  • Regular feedback mechanism developed.