1. Extracurricular Activities:

 Education does not only mean academic excellence but also physical and intellectual development. Aadikabi provides students with equal opportunities for studies as well as  extracurricular activities. There are different sorts of games and sports such as volleyball, football, badminton, table tennis and many others. Not only sporting there is extension recreational  activities like speech contest, essay competition, quiz contest, singing and dancing, Miss. or Mr. Talent shows competition and many more leisure facilities. Campus organized Workshop, seminar and other academic activities regularly and also campus published magazines and year book of campus.


2. Computerized Library:

ABC has a sophisticated library with sufficient books and magazines. Library is fully computerized and library card is with digital technology. Student can choose any book from the computer where books inventory is displayed. Reading room is well furnished and they can consult any kind of text and reference books. 15000 books are available, government publication, national and international research report and almost all daily news papers and magazines are available regularly.

3. Science Lab:

It has a well-equipped science and Mathematical lab. Lab teacher is available during campus hours to practice and experiment to help  students learn.

4. Computerized Account cum Admin System:

Account system is fully computerized. Every record of student and college will be updated immediately. It is transparent.

5. Cafeteria:

It has Spacey and clean canteen in campus premises. Many types of snacks, tea, coffee & cold drinks are available at cheaper price. Service opens at 6.00 AM to 8.00 PM.

6. Sports Infrastructure:

It has volleyball ground, Table Tennis & Badminton court and basket ball court is under construction. It has large stage to organize different concert & formal programmes.

7. Transportation:

In coordination with local transport committee campus manages a transportation facility according to the students demand.

8. Internet Service:

Campus provides 24 hours wireless internet service in campus premises. This facility is available to all students and campus staff  free of cost. Now this facility is managed in 5 rooms but students with laptop can surface internet in any corner of the campus.

9. Any Time Class:

Campus in coordination with free student union provides the facility of extra classes according to need of student. Class teacher provides any time and any where classes inside and outside campus. This increase confidence and performance of students.

10. Additional Programme & Science:

Campus initiates classes of education science to produce school level science teacher this is fruitful to both students and schools. It is managed with separate lab. Campus is going to establish a seperate Lab for mathematics. Workshop and discussion programme on various contemporary issues, regular publications, many more extra activities.

11. Free Student Union:

To explore potentials, promote thinking capacity, establish democratic values and norms, protect and promote students interest, activate students, carry different extra activities, ensure quality education, raise students voices, co-operate on campus management the campus has a leading and dynamic student union which is democratically elected.

12. Physical Structure:

13. Faculty Management:

Campus has introduced three faculties Management; Humanities & Education till date hoping to expand in near future. On the basis of subjects and faculties campus has five different departments to run educational activities and classes more effectively.  The total streams are pided into English, Nepali, Management, Social Science and Education department. It helps student and campus administration to coordinate between subjects,  identify books, introduce effective teaching method and to resolve any kind of issues related to that subject.

14. Teacher Staff:

Campus has a dedicated and qualified teaching and non-teaching staff. Teachers who have been awarded PHD  and first pision are involved in this institution. Everyone has good command in their subject matter and have a spirit of co-operation towards their students.