Goal & Objectives

Aadikavi Bhanubhakta Campus

The Goal and Objectives

Goal 1: To improve academic quality

Objective (i): To offer academic programs to accommodate the academic needs of the region and the nation.

Objective (ii): To strengthen professional development of faculty and staff.

Goal 2: To attract outstanding and educationally disadvantageous students

Objective (i): To enroll high quality students.

Objective (ii): To increase the enrollment of educationally disadvantaged dalit,  janajati, disabled, and female students.

Objective (iii): To increase graduation rates.

Objective (iv): To improve student facility and support system.

Goal 3: To develop the campus as an academic research center

Objective (i): To create infrastructure for research activities.

Objective (ii): To create research-centered teaching and learning environment.

Goal 4: To integrate teaching, learning and research activities with modern technology

Objective (i): To ensure the effective and extensive use of modern technology for teaching and learning process.

Objective (ii): To improve administrative efficiency with the use of modern technology.

Goal 5: To Develop external relation and improve the image of the campus

Objective (i): To ensure public participation to garner support and recognition.

Objective (ii): To improve external relation campus.

Objective (iii): To improve image of the campus.