Message From the Chairperson

We are delighted enough to receive huge applause from all our students,  parents, well-wishers  for establishing a benchmark in  educational field. Its quality is recognized with the Quality Assurance and Accreditation (QAA) certificate by the University Grant Commission, Kathmandu, Nepal on the 10th December 2013. Relentless efforts of every member of  Aadikavi Bhanubhakta Campus family and trust of people have enabled us to reach at the pinnacle of glory. In the age of globalization, innovation is  a major driving force to achieve competitive advantage creating opportunities for every individual. The growth in several sectors gives the clear picture of tremendous potential of growing employment opportunities in academic fields. Aadikavi Bhanubhakta Campus  is a platform wherein we always strive and  aspire  to build skillful manpower and business leaders thereby ensuring overall character development of our students in a world-class teaching learning environment in Nepal.

The prime motive of Aadikavi Bhanublhakta  campus is not simply to build strong professional leaders in academic world but also produce competent individuals for the contempory global market. This campus equally puts emphasis on the cultivation of social and academic excellence.

 We believe that everyone should acquire an equal opportunity so as to flourish Nepal in terms of the development education and employment. We’d not fall behind to develop our student into consummate professionals who receive academic input through highly qualified and experienced faculties. Our research cell of eminent members further strengthens the commitment of this school towards quality education.

We would, therefore, like to incite all promising graduates to our campus to explore and excavate their latent potentialities for accomplishing their ultimate goals and materialize their long-cherished dreams.


Best Regards

Brahmadatta Timalsena