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BA - Overview



Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) is an interdisciplinary course introduced by Tribhuvan University under the Humanities and Social Science faculty.

Bachelor of Arts in Nepal is an art degree that focuses on learning human culture, history, literature, philosophy, the study of society, linguistics, psychology and more. 

This undergraduate program is taught in over 30 constituent campuses and over 300 affiliate colleges in Nepal. This allows you to choose from your desired colleges easily and enrol for the course. 

Some of the popular courses under Bachelor of Arts in Nepal include B. A in Journalism and Mass Communication), B.A. in Psychology, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor in Sociology and more. 

B.A. graduates can pursue a career in many areas, including the education sector, colleges, research institutes, civil service, private organisations, cultural organisations and more.


Students must fulfil the following criteria to enrol for a Bachelor of Arts in Nepal.